UK - Memphis Industries - Garage / Post-Punk


VILLE : Leeds, UK
LABEL : Memphis Industries
GENRE : Indie-Rock / Post-Punk
SIMILAIRE : Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Fall, Pixies, Parquet Courts, Can, Beefheart, The Velvet Underground

Marin :

Mush are a new four-piece Leeds based group.

The band play guitar heavy alternative, experimental rock tunes akin to: Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Fall, Pixies, Parquet Courts channelling a bunch of other influences descending from an alt-lineage that can be traced back to the likes of Can, Beefheart & Velvet Underground. 

The band are looking to get out of Yorkshire, gig constantly and capture the imagination of the pockets of weird indie rockers, slackers and freaks around the country.



TITRE : Induction Party
LABEL : Memphis Industries
SORTIE : 31/05/2019

TITRE : Alternative Facts
LABEL : Too Pure Singles Club
SORTIE : 2017


Date Ville Salle Tickets
07/04/20 Mush dans Paris Supersonic Buy Tickets
08/04/20 Mush dans Lyon Le Sonic Buy Tickets
10/04/20 Mush dans Tourcoing Festival PZZLE (Le Grand Mix) Buy Tickets

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