Crédits : Mathieu Foucher


If you didn’t go through all your cashless, you can ask for refund. The refund process is going to be open from Wed, 21 Aug 2019 12:00 to Fri, 13 Sep 2019 23:59.

To access, please click below and fill out a form. Please, remember we can’t do a refund if your sold are less than 0,50 €.

Take your wristband and your IBAN with you.

If you want to look up your sold history, please connect on your personal account with ID you’re using before the festival. If you didn’t create account before that, please create one first. You’re going to use your ticket or your wristband, so, get them ready. Please, click HERE.


Before the festival
I have not bought my ticket for the festival yet, can I credit my wristband?

No, only people who have purchased a ticket before their arrival on the festival site can credit their wristband before the festival because it is necessary to inform the number of the ticket to create an account.

What about personal data?

In order to leave the choice to everyone to consume anonymously without any data keeping, it is not mandatory to link your wristband to your personal information. However, it will be necessary to give us some information in case of pre-loading and refund of the remaining amount. Our policy regarding the processing of personal data can be found here (in french).

Where can I find my ticket number to pre-load my wristband?

Go to the explanatory page to find your ticket number according to your purchase platform by clicking here.

I have several tickets, which one do I use to pre-load my account?

You must use the ticket number according to the day of your arrival.

During the festival
Do I have access to a summary of my transactions?

Yes, you can access the history of your transactions via your account at the end of the festival. During the festival, your account allows you to know the total amount of the loadings and consumptions made. Considering the service is not online, there may be a delay in getting all the information.

What happens if I loose my bracelet?
  • If you have credited your wristband online before the festival:

The wristband number is linked to your name, so it will be easy for us to block it on request at the “Info Bracelets” stand.

  • If you have not credited your wristband online before the festival:

We can block your wristband only if you have kept the festival entrance ticket, or previously noted the alphanumeric code on the back of the chip of your wristband or the receipts issued during your reloading of your wristband (keep them safely – an idea : shoot it with your smartphone!).

Important : In both cases, it will not be possible to transfer the remaining credits on a new wristband. However, after the festival you can apply for a refund of the remaining credits at the time of the actual blockage of the wristband. Only the credits present on the wristband will be refunded at the moment of the effective blocking, credits can be lost especially in case of fraudulent use of the wristband.

How to know the remaining balance on my wristband?

You can know your remaining balance at the “Info Bracelets” stands inside or outside the site during the reloading of your credits AND in all points of sale during your purchases. We invite you to regularly check the money credited and debited to your wristband.

Is my wristband linked to my bank account?

The wristband is not linked to your bank account, it is like an electronic wallet : you can deposit a certain amount of credits on it and no amount beyond these credits can be debited. If you have any questions, please consult our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use of the System.

If I did not credit my wristband before the festival, what can I do?

You can directly credit your wristband at cashless points, at the festival venue, by paying by cash or credit card. A sales receipt bearing the alphanumeric code of your chip will be given to you, be sure to keep it, it will be useful especially in case of loss of your wristband (keep them safely – an idea : shoot it with your smartphone!)

Any other questions during the festival?

Go to the “Info Bracelets” stand at the festival.

After the festival
Will the remaining balance on my bracelet be lost?

No, you can apply for a refund from August 21st to September 13th, 2019 (11:59 PM)   by completing the dedicated form and indicating the alphanumeric code on the back of the wristband chip. When this date has passed, the remaining credits will be considered as donations to the association and to the organization of its next festival La Route du Rock. For technical reasons, please note that no refund will be made for amounts lower than 0.50€. Refunds will be made by bank transfer, your IBAN number will be asked for.

When will the refund be paid into my bank account?

The refunds are spread over 3 periods. If you make your request: 

• Between August 21st and August 29th: the refund will be paid into your bank account on September 3rd 2019,

• Between August 30th and September 5th: the refund will be paid into your bank account on September 10th 2019,

• Between September 6th and September 13th: the refund will be paid into your bank account on September 17th 2019.

Can I keep the remaining amount on my wristband for the 2020 edition of La Route du Rock?

No, the remaining credits that have not been requested before September 13th, 2019 (11:59pm) will be considered as donations to the association for the organization of its next festival La Route du Rock.

More questions? 
Please, contact