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• Accreditation requests for journalists are done by filling and sending the form above (incomplete applications will not be processed).

• The free accreditations are limited and are primarily allocated to journalists offering a specific editorial project for the festival.

• Accreditation applications are to be sent before Friday, August 10th, 2018.

• Rates for paying accreditations are 95€ for 3 days in the fort and 42€ per day.

• Passes can be collected from the accreditations reception at the entrance of the Fort of Saint-Père. Opening hours :  Friday, August 17th from 10 am to midnight on Saturday, August 18th and Sunday, August 19th from noon to 9pm. We thank you in advance for respecting these hours.

• The accreditations give access to all the concerts at the Fort de Saint-Père, the VIP area and the press area. Thes press area has a limited number of computers reserved for journalists, a press conference area and spots reserved for interviews. The accreditations do not give access to the opening night on Thursday, August 16th in la Nouvelle Vague.

• Each accreditation applications are registered to your own name (one form per person) and cannot be given out to someone else.


To prepare your journey in Saint-Malo, you can contact :
• Le Comité Départemental du Tourisme de Haute-Bretagne
T +332 99 78 47 46 ·
• Tourism Office of Saint-Malo
T +33825 135 200 – Esplanade Saint-Vincent – 35400 Saint-Malo


Interview requests for artists and organizers are to be directed to the press team. Any request made directly to an artist or label will not be taken into account by the press team.


Audiovisual recordings are performed by the Company Sombrero And Co. The provision of video extracts for the press is subject to the agreement of the artist concerned and their use is strictly reserved for « news » type posts and articles. Specific accreditations are awarded to photographers. Access to front of stage is restricted to persons authorized by the festival, and the restrictions that may be imposed by the artists. These provisions will be posted each day at the press area.






Credits and informations are in the files name.