UK - Council Records - Instrumental Techno


VILLE : Bristol, UK
LABEL : Council Records
GENRE : Techno / Post-Punk / Instrumental
SIMILAIRE : Marie Davidson, Ho99o9, Preoccupations

Xavier :

Scalping are a Bristol based live techno band. Blistering performances are known for astute production formed through a love their hometown’s visionary off-the- wall dance music as well as full throttle noise and punk. Each show is a unique experience incorporating striking visual projections.

In their relatively short time as a band they have supported acclaimed acts such as Marie Davidson, Ho99o9, Holy Fuck, Bliss Signal and HMLTD whilst quickly gaining a reputation for their frenzied closing slots at festivals.

Armed with a battery of squelching synths, animalistic rhythms and gritty, piercing guitars, the band have been meticulous in their selection of shows to deliver the most visceral experience show. Clouded in mystery, their devoted fans are always left baying for more.



« Messed up in the best possible way…completely immersive and disorientating” – NME

“Tinges of HEALTH’s earlier, mayhem-ier roots glint through the chaos…these sounds are not really like anything else about” – Line of Best Fit

“Mesmerising intensity. It’s confident and fully-formed, genre-melting experimentalism.” Bristol in Stereo “ Bristol’s best live band…they stand unparalleled’ – Bristol Live Mag

« In its first seconds, ‘Chamber’, the debut single from Bristol’s Scalping, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you into the darkness. » – DIYmag

« Pulsing, singular synths, eviscerating, razor sharp guitar and a trip into a different world that you won’t actually want to find your way back from, this is Scalping.’ – So Young

TITRE : Chamber
LABEL : Council Records
SORTIE : 2019


No shows booked at the moment.